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Integração NFe - DocumentaçãoAPI to integrate your software with Focus NFe

If you understand portuguese, look here. This post is intended for non-English speakers, it shows how to integrate your software with Focus NFe. If you don’t know what is NFe take a look here. To test our API one can use the cURL tool, not needing to write a single line of code, that’s how we will show how our API works.



We will use an access token to give access to test and production environments. For each environment will be provided a different token.


Reference (id)

You will have to provide an unique id for Each NFe that will be issued. This reference can be any string, most commonly it is used the primary key in the application’s. It is not recommended that you use the NFe numeration, for it is our system that will assign the numbers for the NFes. Sending a NFe The following URLs are used to send NFes to our software. The first one is used to send NFes to the test (homologação) environment and the second is to send NFes to the production (produção) environment:

POST http://homologacao.acrasnfe.acras.com.br/nfe2/autorizar?token=TOKEN&ref=REFERENCE


POST http://producao.acrasnfe.acras.com.br/nfe2/autorizar?token=TOKEN&ref=REFERENCE


TOKEN and REFERENCE must be changed by yout access token (provided by our support team) and the internal reference of the NFe in your software. The content of the POST must be the communication file, wich is a YAML file built under this specification (portuguese only): http://www.focusnfe.com.br/nfe/lang/NotaFiscalXML.html. The following example shows a communication file:

natureza_operacao: Remessa
forma_pagamento: 0
data_emissao: 2013-04-15
data_entrada_saida: 2013-04-15
tipo_documento: 1
finalidade_emissao: 1
cnpj_emitente: SEU_CNPJ
nome_emitente: Sua Razão Social Ltda
nome_fantasia_emitente: Fantasia do Emitente
logradouro_emitente: Rua Quinze de Abril
numero_emitente: 999
bairro_emitente: Jd Paulistano
municipio_emitente: São Paulo
uf_emitente: SP
cep_emitente: 01454-600
inscricao_estadual_emitente: SUA_INSCRICAO_ESTADUAL
cpf_destinatario: 03055054911
telefone_destinatario: 1196185555
logradouro_destinatario: Rua São Januário
numero_destinatario: 99
bairro_destinatario: Crespo
municipio_destinatario: Manaus
uf_destinatario: AM
pais_destinatario: Brasil
cep_destinatario: 69073178
icms_base_calculo: 0
icms_valor_total: 0
icms_base_calculo_st: 0
icms_valor_total_st: 0
valor_frete: 0.0000
valor_seguro: 0
valor_total: 47.23
valor_produtos: 47.23
valor_ipi: 0
modalidade_frete: 0
- numero_item: 1
  codigo_produto: 1232
  descricao: Cartões de Visita
  cfop: 5923
  unidade_comercial: un
  quantidade_comercial: 100
  valor_unitario_comercial: 0.4723
  valor_unitario_tributavel: 0.4723
  unidade_tributavel: un
  codigo_ncm: 49111090
  quantidade_tributavel: 100
  valor_bruto: 47.23
  icms_situacao_tributaria: 41
  icms_origem: 0
  pis_situacao_tributaria: 07
  cofins_situacao_tributaria: 07


In test environment it is mandatory to use the following name to the adressee (destinatario) of the NFe: NF-E EMITIDA EM AMBIENTE DE HOMOLOGACAO – SEM VALOR FISCAL. Given your communication file name is remessa.yml, the curl command will be:

curl -T remessa.yml 'http://homologacao.acrasnfe.acras.com.br/fe2/autorizar?token=TOKEN&ref=1'


After sending the NFe, Focus NFe will process the information asynchronously, meaning you must come back and query the result after a while. Querying NFe The URLs to query the status of a NFe are:

GET http://homologacao.acrasnfe.acras.com.br/nfe2/consultar?token=TOKEN&ref=REFERENCE


GET http://producao.acrasnfe.acras.com.br/nfe2/consultar?token=TOKEN&ref=REFERENCE


Possible Results

mensagem_sefaz: "Rejeição: Data de Emissão muito atrasada"
status_sefaz: "228"
status: erro_autorizacao


Meaning the NFe was not authorized with the resulting message (only in portuguese)

status: processando_autorizacao


Meaning the NFe is still being processed.

serie: "1"
chave_nfe: NFe35130413555994000154550010000000021150496225
numero: "2"
mensagem_sefaz: Autorizado o uso da NF-e
status_sefaz: "100"
caminho_xml_nota_fiscal: /arquivos_development/SEU_CNPJ/201304/XMLs/35130413555994000154550010000000021150496225-nfe.xml
caminho_danfe: /arquivos_development/SEU_CNPJ/201304/DANFEs/35130413555994000154550010000000021150496225.pdf
status: autorizado


caminho_danfe is the relative path to the DANFe PDF file. caminho_xml is the relative path to the XML file



After authorized, the NFe can be cancelled within 24 ours. The service URLs to do that are.

POST http://homologacao.acrasnfe.acras.com.br/nfe2/cancelar?token=TOKEN&ref=REFERENCE


POST http://producao.acrasnfe.acras.com.br/nfe2/cancelar?token=TOKEN&ref=REFERENCE


Other than the main parameters, the only one to be filled is “justificativa” wich is the reason that the NFe is being cancelled.

curl -F ‘justificativa=CNPJ do destinatario incorreto’ ‘http://homologacao.acrasnfe.acras.com.br/nfe2/cancelar?token=TOKEN&ref=2′


Then you can query the NFe again. If the cancellation is succeeded you will get this status file:

chave_nfe: NFe35130413555994000154550010000000021150496225
status_sefaz: "135"
status: cancelado
caminho_xml_cancelamento: /arquivos_development/SEU_CNPJ/201304/XMLs/35130413555994000154550010000000021150496225-can.xml
mensagem_sefaz: Evento registrado e vinculado a NF-e
caminho_xml_nota_fiscal: /arquivos_development/SEU_CNPJ/201304/XMLs/35130413555994000154550010000000021150496225-nfe.xml


O post API to send NFe using Focus NFe service apareceu primeiro em Acras.

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